Sweet and Ola Elementary Schools

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Preparing all students for individual success.


  • Principal: Stephen Joyner


    Ola Elementary

    "From Gardening to Robotics, from Language Arts to Math, Ola School is a great place to learn and grow!" 
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    Ola Elementary is housed in the Ola Community Hall during the 2019-20 school year, while repairs are being made at the school.
    22001 Sweet Ola Hwy, Ola ID 83657



    Sweet Montour Elementary 

    "Small Community; BIG Learning"
    6600 Sweet-Ola Hwy



       Sweet Montour Elementary & Ola Elementary Schools
    Both schools are rural schools in the Emmett School District and lie in the shadow of the beautiful Butte valley.
    Sweet-Montour Elementary is a K-5 school that is unique in that it has small multi-age classrooms - K-1, 2-3, and a 4-5. Students often support each other's learning by being mentors to the younger children and mentees to the older children and creating a family-like atmosphere.
    Ola Elementary was built in 1910 and is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. It is Idaho's oldest 2 room school house and has grades K-6.  While many students are third and fourth generation Ola families, staff work to see students stay current with technology and world wide issues.
    Both schools have a lead teacher that manages daily operations and a part-time principal that oversees instruction, curriculum, assessment and building management.

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