• Welcome To Student Leadership 

    Students involved in the EHS Student Government have been elected and serve their student peers and community throughout the school year.  Some of the activities they plan and implement are as follows:

    1. Back To School Registration

    2.  Homecoming Week - Homecoming Hall Decoration, Homecoming Assembly, Homecoming    Bonfire, Homecoming Parade, and Homecoming Royalty Court Crowning.

    3.  Fall Red Cross Blood Drive

    4.  Veteran's Day Assembly Guest Hosts

    5.  Thanksgiving Cheer Baskets 

    6.  Christmas Cheer Baskets

    7.  Student Council Monthly Meetings - Approve all fundraisers at EHS

    8.  School Tours

    9.  Class Fundraisers

    10.  Christmas Decoration of School and Hallway Contest

    11.  Tip-Off Winter Sport and Activity Week - Hall Decoration, Tip-Off Assembly, Tip-Off Game Royalty Court Crowning, Tip-Off Week Class Competition

    12.  Winter Volunteer Work - Local or Boise Shelter

    13.  Spring Class and Assosiated Student Body Elections

    14.  Hit-n-Run Spring Sport and Activiy Week - Hall Decoration, Hit-n-Run Assembly, Hit and Run Assembly, Hit-n-Run Royalty Crowning, Hit-n-Run Class Competition

    15.  Class Activities include:

           Junior-Senior Prom



           Haunted House with Biology Club

           Quiditch Tournament with Biology Club

           Various Dances