• Class of 2021
    Seniors, please report to Mrs. Jewkes your scholarship awards for the assembly and graduation booklet.


    Scholarship Tips:
    1. Update and prepare your resume. Give your resume to the people who are writing your letters of recommendation.
    2. Ask for letters of recommendation. Do not ask family members, including aunts and uncles, to write letters of recommendation. Some scholarships may require 1-4 letters of recommendation.  They may be from teachers, ministers, adult friends, members of the community, or employers)
    3. Write thank you letters to the people who wrote your letters of recommendation.

    4. Make note of when the scholarship applications are due and turn them in on time.

    5. Be prepared to send a hand-written thank you card to the provider of any scholarships you receive.

    6. Follow the application instructions carefully.

    7. Never put your social security number on a scholarship application without researching it first.  If in doubt ask a trusted teacher or parent if the scholarship you are applying for looks like it might be a fake site asking for personal information to steal your identity.
    8. Once you are accepted to a college or university, use their financial aid site to access their scholarship page.  
    9. Avoid scams.  You never have to pay for an unclaimed scholarship.  If in doubt talk to the financial aid office or your counselor.