Title II-A: Improving Teacher Quality


    Title II-A authorizes a formula grant program that combines the Eisenhower Professional Development and Class-Size Reduction programs into a single program that focuses on preparing, training, and recruiting high-quality teachers.

    The purpose of Title II-A is to help achieve the goal of ensuring that there is a highly qualified teacher in every classroom.  Program purposes include:  

    • Increasing student academic achievement by improving teacher and principal quality and by increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in the classroom and highly qualified principals and assistant principals in schools;
    • Holding schools and LEAs accountable for improvements in student academic achievement; and
    • Holding schools and LEAs accountable so that all teachers teaching core academic subjects in public elementary schools and secondary schools are highly qualified


    Allowable Activities

    • Providing innovative professional development activities that improve the knowledge of teachers and principals, and, where appropriate, paraprofessionals;
    • Tenure reform, merit pay, and testing of elementary and secondary school teachers in the subject areas taught by such teachers;
    • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified teachers, principals, and pupil services personnel; including scholarships, signing bonuses or other financial incentives, such as differential pay; and mentoring to teachers and support for novice teachers and principals.
    Classroom students  

    Director of Federal Programs     
    Dan Arriola
    Limited English Proficiency Program /LEP Coordinator
    Migrant Coordinator/Family Liaison
    Elsa Johnson