Enrollment Boundaries & Map

  • New Student Enrollment Packets: Complete this packet and bring it to your child's school, along with a certified birth certificate; record of current immunizations or immunization exemption; and proof of residency. 
    English Packet        Spanish Packet     
    Note: These packets are not accessible. Please call our office at 208-365-6301 if you need assistance. 


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    We have five in-person elementary schools: 

    • Butte View Elementary (grades K-3rd grade - will expand a grade annually) 
    • Carberry Elementary
    • Shadow Butte Elementary
    • Ola Elementary
    • Sweet-Montour Elementary
    1. Please use our Google Map to view the elementary zone in which you reside.
    2. Enter your home address in the map search bar. See helpful graphic below.
    3. If you have questions about your zone, please contact the Student Transportation Department at 208-365-3207.  
Image says Enroll now.  Includes contact information. Same info provided in the text on the page.

Emmett Remote Academy (ERA)

New Student Registration

  • Our schools are open and ready to help you with registration information for your new student.
    For your new students you will need the following: 
    • certified birth certificate  
    • record of current immunizations or immunization exemption
    • proof of residency  
    • completed enrollment form 
    If the student is transferring from another school district, please provide the contact information of the school from which you are withdrawing.
    Prospective kindergarteners must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st of the school year in which the child enrolls.

Open Enroll: Change school or join Emmett Remote Academy

Last Modified on April 6, 2023