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As you can see above, we’ve partnered with BusRight - a transportation technology startup - to allow you to keep track of your child’s school bus route to and from school directly from your smartphone!

The BusRight app will allow you to, in real-time, follow your child’s bus route to and from school,
receive notifications when the bus begins and ends its route, view the expected arrival time at your
child’s designated bus stop, and receive ad-hoc communications from the Transportation Department.

Invitations to our rollout of the app will be sent to your email on at the end of July
from with the subject “You’re Invited to BusRight”. Your invite will contain a link
to create an account with BusRight and will officially go live with bus routes on the morning of August 19th!

We’re working closely with the BusRight team to perfect the system and, in the meantime, ask for your
patience and understanding as we continue to make improvements.  

BusRight Parent App Guide