• More About Sweet-Montour Elementary

    "Small Community; BIG Learning!" 

    We Are Unique!
    Sweet-Montour Elementary School has small multi-age classrooms where students stay with the same teacher for at least 2 years. This makes it easier for the teacher to know their social, emotional, and academic needs. Each classroom is like a family. Students often support each other’s learning by being mentors to the younger children, and mentees to the older children.

    Technology Driven
    Each classroom in Sweet-Montour Elementary School is equipped with a SMARTboard, ELMO, Projector and multiple desktop computers for student use. Teachers use technology throughout subject areas and involve students in the use of technology in these lessons. We have 20 Microsoft Surfaces for student use as well. These were purchased in combination from District and PTO funds. Kindergarten through 5th grade use them multiple times each week.

    Advantages for Students at our school
    Strong Academic Achievement-4 Star rated by State Department of Education
    Smaller Student to Teacher ratio
    Technology Driven—SMARTboard, Chromebooks, online reading and math interventions on a daily basis
    Students know every adult in the building

    Advantages for Parents at our school
    Family atmosphere—every adult knows every child
    Students stay with the same teacher for multiple years. This helps teachers know students academic, social and emotional needs better
    Teachers build strong relationships with every parent

    Come Get to Know Us!
    Sweet School is a small town school with small town appeal, individualized teaching, small class sizes and teachers who love and know the community. We are unique and ever evolving to meet the needs of our students. Make an appointment to come visit our school and observe our teachers teaching today! Call and talk to community members and get a parent’s perspective. You might just find that you love how different we are!


Sweet Elementary Staff

  • Deanna Richards - Head Teacher (2nd, 3rd)

    Sherry Evans - Teacher (4th, 5th)

    Virginia Snow - Teacher (Kindergarten, 1st)

    Soren Madsen - Specials & Paraprofessional


    Darcy Lofing - Kitchen & Custodian 

    District emails are first initial last name@isd221.net (Will Smith = wsmith@isd221.net)

    6600 Sweet-Ola Hwy