• Below are resources designed to assist with the effects of tragedy that has faced adults and children in the Gem County area. These contacts, articles, and links are designed to provide assistance in a difficult time. The counseling service and hotline are for anyone who needs to speak with someone and is completely confidential and free of charge. For more information, please feel free to contact the Emmett School District Office at 365-6301.

    Here's a link to our school counselors as well. 

Facility Phone number
School District Office 208-365-6301
City Police, County Sheriff 208-365-3521
Valor Health Hospital 208-365-3561
Black Canyon High School 208-365-5552
Carberry (Kenneth J) Elementary 208-365-0839
Emmett High School 208-365-6323
Emmett Middle School 208-365-2921
Ola Elementary 208-584-3589
Shadow Butte Elementary 208-365-0877
Sweet Elementary 208-584-3378