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        Emmett Early Childhood Special Education Preschool
    400 S Pine Street
    Emmett Idaho 83617
    208-365-4791 208-365-5971 

ECSE Preschool schedule

  • 2022-2023 School Year Important Dates

    • Open House: Wednesday, September 7th (Appointment times will be scheduled)
    • Preschool Starts: Thursday, September 8th
    • Parent's Play Day (Last day of PM Preschool): May 09, 2023
    • Graduation (Last day of AM Preschool): May 11, 2023

    We celebrate student birthdays with singing and a special snack. Parents are welcome to send in their child's favorite treat.

    *Students' weekly schedules will be based on their age and Individual Education Program needs developed by the IEP team.

    AM CLASS  for 4- and 5-year olds

    • *Students will attend 1-3 days per week based upon individual needs (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
    • Hours: 9:00-12:00
    • Breakfast: AM students will eat breakfast to start the day.  *Please fill out the Breakfast/Lunch form.
    • Snack: The preschool provides a small snack before departure. We appreciate any snack donations.

    PM CLASS  for 3- and 4-year-olds

    • *Students will attend 1-3 days per week based upon individual needs (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)  
    • Hours: 1:30-3:40
    • Lunch is NOT served for the PM session. Please make sure your child eats before coming to school.
    • Snack: The preschool provides a small snack before departure.  We appreciate any snack donations. 

Supply Lists for AM & PM


    • 2 packages wipes for cleaning hands and faces
    • 1 hand sanitizer
    • 2 boxes Kleenex
    • 1 box quart baggies
    • 1 Spiral Bound Notebook
    • Package of 2 Glue Sticks ( preferably Elmer's Disappearing Purple)
    • 1 container Clorox Wipes 
    • Backpack
    • Change of clean clothes kept in backpack
    • Diapers/pull-ups, additional wipes, and 1 box of disposable latex gloves, medium-sized gloves kept at school (if your child is not yet toilet trained)


    • 2 packages of baby wipes (for cleaning faces and hands)
    • 1 hand sanitizer
    • 2 boxes of Kleenex
    • 1 box sandwich baggies
    • 2 Glue Sticks (Elmer's Disappearing Purple) 
    • 1 Container Clorox/Sanitizing Wipes
    • Backpack 
    • Clean change of clothes kept in backpack
    • Diapers/Pull-ups, additional wipes, 1 box of medium-sized gloves to be kept at school (If your child is not yet toilet trained)

    *If you are unable to provide any/all items, please contact the Special Education Secretary, 208-365-5971



Screening Dates

  • Preschool screenings 2022-2023. 
    • August 25-26, 2022
    • December 16, 2022
    • March 31, 2023
    Emmett School District #221 conducts preschool screenings for children 3-5 years old. Your child must already be 3 years old to be screened. The screening assists in identifying children who may demonstrate developmental delays requiring special education in one or more of these areas:
    • thinking ability
    • speech/language concerns         
    • self-help skills      
    • social skills         
    • motor skills    
    • emotional concerns
    • other concerns
    If you live in the Emmett School District and you have concerns about your child, please contact the Special Education secretary, Debbie Kimball, at 208-365-5971, to make an appointment for screening. Alternately, you may call 208-365-4791 to schedule an appointment. Teachers may be in meetings. Please leave a message with your name and phone number and we will contact you for an appointment. You may also call the Butte View secretary, Stephanie Kelley, 208-365-4691.
    Thank you,
    Miss Kim and Miss Melanie
    ECSE Preschool Teachers

About Our Program:

  • Classroom Teachers and Assistants:

    • Special Education Teacher:    Kim Simpson
    • Special Education Teacher:    Melanie Johnson
    • Classroom Assistant:              Kerri Vaughn
    • Classroom Assistant:              Amy Kirsch

    Additional Preschool Team Members: (services provided as recommended in the student's IEP)

    • Speech/Language Therapy Services  
    • Occupational Therapy Services
    • Physical Therapy Services

    About the ECSE Preschool Classroom:
    Circle Time includes a calendar, stories, music and movement.
    Table Activities encourage sitting in an assigned seat and participating in activities such as coloring, building with blocks, imaginative play with manipulatives and activity mats.

    All students (AM & PM) will participate in small learning groups, rotating through a pre-math, pre-literacy, art (fine motor practice), and a speech/language group. Each group is 15 minutes. We give the students an audible "ding, ding, ding" and they line up to move to the next group.

    We have a Sensory Room for indoor play that includes a merry-go-round bicycle, slide, mini-trampolines, mats for jumping and tumbling, a playroom with tunnel, balls, basketball hoop, as well as trucks and cars for floor play.

    Classroom play areas: House Area, Trains, Cars & Trucks, Legos, Waffle Blocks, Match Box Cars with garage and ramps, dinosaurs, blocks, treasure box, bean table, art with painting easel, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, puzzles, Playdough, doll house, and a STEM area with magnets, gears, and ball roll & ramp table.

    Each classroom has a SMARTBoard and the students are taught how to use it appropriately. It used for handwriting practice, attendance, as well as academic instruction as a support to our curriculum.

    General Daily Schedule (Flexible and subject to change)

    AM Class:

    • Arrival
    • Breakfast & Toileting*
    • Table Activity
    • Circle Time
    • Small Learning Group Instruction
    • Free Play Choice and/or Sensory Room & Toileting*
    • Smart Circle and Handwriting Without Tears Instruction
    • Snack & Toileting*
    • Departure

    *Toileting is not limited to scheduled times

    PM Class:

    • Arrival
    • Sensory Room & Toileting*
    • Small Learning Groups
    • Free Play & Toileting*
    • Circle Time & Table Activity
    • Snack & Toileting*
    • Departure

    *Toileting is not limited to scheduled times