• The Board 
  • The Emmett School District is governed by a Board of Trustees whose members are elected by the community and serve through volunteering their time.
    The Board is comprised of 6 members, elected at staggered four-year terms. Individual board members have no authority to act on their own but, as a group acting legally in session, establish the policies that govern the school district while operating under the regulation of the Idaho State Board of Education. 
    Our Board Members come from varied walks of life but unite in a commitment to see the students of the Emmett School District succeed in their chosen paths and become productive, responsible citizens. 
  • Regular School Board meetings are held the second (2nd) Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Butte View Complex at 400 S Pine St, Emmett ID 83617. Special meetings are also called when necessary. Board Officers (Chairperson, Treasurer, etc) are elected annually by a vote of the Trustees at the July Board Meeting.  
Travis Whittemore
Lynsie Vickery
Jody Harris
MIchelle Davelaar
Board Member Erb
  • Ralph Erb

    Board Trustee

    Appointed 2016 (Elected 2017)
    Term Expires 2021