• Emmett School District #221

    Bus Shop
    1380 N. Washington Ave.
    Emmett, Idaho 83617

    Telephone: 208-365-3207

    Fax #: 208-365-2459

    School Bus


    A school bus driver is a person who smiles in the morning and smiles in the afternoon and eats Rolaids in between.
    A school bus driver gets there when nobody else can, finds houses that don’t exist  and children with no names.
    School bus drivers have eyes in the back of their heads and hear every word, even in sign language.
    School bus drivers are immune to noise.
    A school bus driver’s favorite words (besides “good morning” and “good night”) are “sit down.”
    Sometimes a bus driver gets tired, but seldom gets mad, and always, most faithfully gets there.
    And last but not least a bus driver carries our most precious cargo daily, 10 months out of the year.
    Helps us keep that cargo safe by obeying the stop arm and using caution around buses and children.

    All of the staff here at the Emmett School District Transportation Department are working together to be able to provide safe and reliable transportation for students that qualify for busing within the Gem County boundaries to and from school, and to many school activities.
    If you have a student(s) that needs busing please call the Bus Shop at 365-3207 you will be given the approximate pickup and drop off times, the bus number and where to have your student stand to wait for the bus.
    Please keep in mind that all pickup and drop off times are approximate and may fluctuate the first couple of weeks when school resumes. Most pickup and drop off times should be settled in after those initial first weeks.
    Remember your student should be out waiting for the bus 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
    • Transportation Supervisor: Shauna Davis  ext# 1802  sdavis@isd221.net
    • Secretary/Dispatcher: Brandy Howell  ext# 1801  bhowell@isd221.net
    • Technician: Steven Newcomer  ext# 1803  snewcomer@isd221.net
    • Technician: Aaron Mitts ext# 1803 amitts@isd221.net