Special Education Contact Information

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Special Education Vision Statement

  • We envision and commit ourselves to a system which advocates for the educational needs of all students through the provision of appropriate and effective instruction.

    Therein, we are dedicated to learning best practices, utilizing scientifically research-based resources, and engaging in constant collaborative communication in school, home, and community environments, on behalf of our students.

    Our united efforts will support a seamless district wide integration between programs, ultimately empowering students to learn and achieve to the best of their ability. 

    Children can have all sorts of difficulties growing up. Sometimes, problems are obvious right from the start, and sometimes they don’t appear until a child is in school. Some children have trouble learning to read or write. Others have a hard time remembering new information. Still, others may have trouble with their behavior.

    When a child is having trouble in school, it’s important to find out why. The child may have a disability. Schools provide special help for eligible children with disabilities. This help is called Special Education and Related Services.