Vision and Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement
    The Emmett School District implements innovative and best educational practices utilizing cutting edge technology and rigorous curriculum. Passionate, visionary professionals guarantee high level learning across all grades. Our district works collaboratively in state of the art facilities to ensure all students are empowered to succeed in life beyond high school.
    Mission Statement
    Emmett School District will prepare all students for individual success.
  • Adopted Belief Statements 2007-2008 with added Guidelines

    Click on phrase to see definitions and guidelines.

  • Draft Glossary of Key Words in our Belief Statements

    Six concepts (relevant, rigorous, high expectations, relationships, challenging and remediation) in the glossary deal with the content, level, quality and pacing of students K-12 education. These words have long histories in educational literature. They are used in No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, in the movements for high performing schools and standards/curriculum development.
    The next group (strong, active partnerships, best practices, data-driven decision making and strategic planning) addresses who and how we go about growing an educational organization capable of delivering the education our students need, deserve and expect.