(Finding Our Careers and Understanding Success)


                                                                                               (CIRCLE ONE)

    Student Name_________________________________   GRADE 9 10  11  12  Date __________


    Identify the career in which you are interested in as a result of C.I.S. (Career Information System) Self-assessment.                                                                 

    *Please list your career choices in order of preference.





    *Create a resume in www.idahocis.org or using the template under Mrs. Obermeyer in the student’s shared file. Make a copy of your resume and save it where you will always have access to update and improve it at a later date.


    *Conduct a search in www.idahocis.org of your number one career choice and print two pages of information important to you.  Please highlight what interests you most about the profession. OR write a 2-3 page MLA style report on your career choice.


    * Write 10 Questions you want to ask your Mentor.  Ask these questions at your Job Shadow.


    Do you have your own transportation?    £  Yes            £  No

    What days/times work best for you? _______________________________________________

    Do you need to stay in Emmett or can you travel? ____________________________________


    *Please return this completed form and the three items above to Mrs. Obermeyer in Room 112 or in the Counselor’s Office for F.O.C.U.S. Job Shadow scheduling as soon as possible.  She will contact you when she has your Job Shadow scheduled.


    *Once your Job Shadow is scheduled you will need the following:

    ·       Parent Permission slip completely filled out and signed.

    ·       Teacher signatures on the Pre-arranged Absent Form.

    Once the signature forms are received, you will be given a folder with directions and instructions for your Job Shadow and a certificate to present to your mentor.


    *Participate in your Job Shadow:  Have fun!  Ask tons of questions! Dress appropriately & be respectful. Take pictures! (If it’s okay with your mentor. Cameras are available from the Career Center.)


    *Within 3 Days after your job shadow you will be required to:

    ·       Write a thank you letter to your mentor. (Sample letter available on Career Center website.)

    ·       Complete Student Evaluation Form (Form will be included in your folder.)

    ·       Return the folder. (We will reuse it for other Job Shadows.)


                                                 Please read and sign the back page of this form.



    I understand the importance of this Job Shadow. I realize it is a privilege to participate in a Job Shadow and people outside of Emmett High School are donating valuable time to help me learn about their professions.  By signing this contract, I agree to complete all of the requirements of the F.O.C.U.S. Job Shadow program.  I also agree to abide by E.H.S. /PR2TA rules while on the Job Shadow. I also understand I am responsible for making up any work in classes I missed. I further understand that I am responsible for my own transportation to and from the job shadow.  If an emergency arises and I am unable to attend my scheduled Job Shadow, I will contact both my mentor and Mrs. Obermeyer immediately.  Contact numbers for my mentor and Mrs. Obermeyer will be on the instruction sheet given me with my folder.  I have read and will comply with all the above procedures to go on my Job Shadow.



    __________________________               _____________                            ____________________________

    Student’s Signature                                  Date                                              Career Center Staff



    Check below for which professional-technical courses in which you have been enrolled.

    _____Agriculture       _____Family & Consumer Science/Culinary    _____Engineering              _____Business/Computers     _____Auto          _____Health Occupations _____Graphic Arts