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  • The levy passed at 60.11% with 1561 voters in favor of the levy and 1036 against. 

    The unofficial voter results from the Gem County site are as follows:

      Unofficial Results  
    01-CENTRAL 88 35
    02-NORTH EMMETT 89 42
    03-BUTTEVIEW 141 41
    04-SOUTH EMMETT 86 36
    05-WEST EMMETT 94 82
    06-EMERSON 161 106
    07-LINCOLN 167 81
    08-LETHA 82 81
    09-HANNA 103 104
    10-BRICK 150 87
    11-BENCH 143 105
    12-SWEET/MONTOUR 55 48
    13-OLA 11 49
    14-ABSENTEE 191 139
    CO. TOTAL 1,561 1,036


Levy Questions and Answers with Mr. Rush

  • Superintendent Rush sits and answers Questions that were sent in from the Community via Email and Facebook. The Levy Committee chose questions that are specific to the 2019/2020 Levy that is up for Vote on May 21st, 2019. Please keep in mind this is an information only Q&A.

    • Q #1  2:50 - Difference between Bond and Levy?
    • Q #2  3:40 - What if the Levy Fails?
    • Q #3  4:45 - Can the Board change where the Funds go?
    • Q #4  6:20 - How does the Bond and Levy fit together?
    • Q #5  7:10 - Salary Question
    • Q #6  7:35- Counselor and Behavioral Specialist
    • Q #7  9:20 - Improvements in Special Ed Dept at Middle School
    • Q #8 10:20 - New Curriculum
    • Q #9 11:35 - Track Improvements
    • Q#10 12:40 - Unexpected Costs in a Project. Where does it come from?

    Thank you for watching.

    YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/4X0FZ53jjc4


    The items in the levy will be coordinated with any items in a bond so that they are not covered in both allocations.  For example, one of the maintenance items in the levy is for a reroof on the Sweet School.  This item would not be included in a bond.

    One challenge is how to maintain the buildings while creating the ideas for a bond and then getting the necessary approval by the voters of Gem County. There are no guarantees that we will pass a bond in the next year, and if we do it will take two to four years to complete new construction and get everybody in the new or remodeled buildings.

    In the current levy there are items that must be repaired to provide a safe and quality learning environment for our students. These include remodeling the special education bathroom/changing areas.  

    We also have repairs to the track at the high school.  If we move the Middle School to the domes, the middle school students would use the track for physical education and track sports.

    The Facility Bond Committee has proposed that we move the Middle School to the Domes.  The domes would need to be upgraded to provide a high quality learning environment for our students. The cost would be less than a complete remodel of the current middle school.  I am sure that we will need continued discussion with the community as to the best options for a bond.


    The new levy will be for $1,500,000 for 2 years; a total of $3,000,000.  The levy is for $100,000 more than our current levy which will expire June 30, 2019. Tax rates will only increase $10 per year on $100,000 of assessed property value. The goals for this levy are: 

    1. Maintain appropriate class sizes and provide needed supports for staff and students. 
    2. Offer safe and well maintained facilities for learning.
    3. Purchase updated textbooks and other instructional tools to support a high-quality education. 
    Following are a few examples of how the levy funds will be used:
    • Fulfill one of the main requests from our elementary teachers by providing a counselor for their students. This support will address the challenges facing many of our students.
    • Continue providing a behavioral specialist to support the students and teachers in addressing challenging behaviors.
    • Continue making significant improvements in our curriculum. Through the past two levies we have replaced our English Language Arts, and our math curriculum. With this levy, the District will be able to purchase new curriculums for science, social studies, and other areas. This new curriculum will include online resources so we can reach all our students and make our teachers more efficient.
    • Add a new course to our Middle School for all 8th grade students to explore careers through virtual job shadow experiences and assist them in creating their four year plan for courses through high school so they will be prepared for college and careers.
    • Put more emphasis on providing necessary funds to maintain our 375,478 square feet of student occupied school buildings. The levy will provide $600,000 per year to continue to maintain and upgrade the schools.

    Bond and Levy Review Presentation by PiperJaffray (PDF)

    Maintenance and Operations Levy - Spring 2019 (PDF)

    District Wide Project Projections (Facilities) Planning (PDF)

    Levy Brochure 2019

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