School Board Trustee Election Information

  • Board Elections are held in November with the new board member(s) taking seat in January. Board terms are four years on a staggered basis. A Board Member must be

    • Individuals need to be eighteen (18) years old,
    • A United States citizen, and
    • A resident of the Emmett School District for at least 30 days.
    • Idaho Code 33‐507 (3) states, “No spouse of any trustee may be employed by a school district with a fall student enrollment population of greater than one thousand two hundred (1,200) in the prior school year.”


    To be included on a ballot, the prospective Board Member will complete the following process:

    • Complete a Petition of Candidacy (PDF), which includes gathering a minimum of 5 registered voter signatures
    • Have the signatures verified at the County Clerks office
    • Complete the Declaration of Candidacy (PDF) form
    • Submit the verified Petition of Candidacy and Declaration of Candidacy to the District Clerk at the Emmett School District Office by the deadline.
    • The District will forward the information to the County Clerks office for preparation of ballots for the November elections.