Elementary Boundaries & Open Enrollment Form

District Communication System

    • In Infinite Campus (a 3rd party site) you may access your child's information, such as grades, attendance and hot lunch payments. To set up your account, you will need login credentials that can be obtained from the main office of your student's school. Only one account is required to access all students within the family. For more information, please see Parent Portal Tips (PDF). 
    •  In case of school closures, student information, etc, the notifications will be sent through Infinite Campus. It is important that your information is kept updated. If changes need to be made to your contact information, visit with your student's school office. 
    •  You may view and edit your notification preferences under "Contact Preferences" within Infinite Campus. 

Media Resources

  • The following media resources will be broadcasting Emmett School District closure information during inclement weather.
          KIZN (92 FM)  KBSU (91.5 FM)  KZMG (93.1 FM)
       KQFC (98 FM)   KISS FM (103.5)  WOW Country (104.3 FM)
       MIX 106 FM    LITE (107.9 FM)  KKGL (96.9 AM)
       KFXD (580 AM)    KIDO (630 AM)  KBOI (670 AM)
       KTIK (1350 AM)  KSRV (1380 AM & 96.1 FM)  KINF (99.1 FM & 730 AM)

New Student Registration

  • Our schools are open in August and will be ready to help you with registration information for your new student.
    For your new students, you will need the following: 
    • Certified birth certificate  
    • Record of current immunizations or immunization exemption
    • Proof of residency  
    • Completed enrollment form 
    If the student is transferring from another school district, please provide the contact information of the school from which you are withdrawing.
    Prospective kindergarteners must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st of the school year in which the child enrolls.