• We constantly ask: What is best for our students - today and tomorrow
    Our community
    Located in the scenic Valley of Plenty, the Emmett School District is one of three original charter school districts and was established before Idaho became a state. It is comprised of Gem County and a small portion of Boise County and serves approximately 2,500 students. 
    Emmett, where most students attend, is located in the heart of Gem County and is approximately 35 miles northwest of Boise. A close knit community, Emmett provides a variety of activities and is home to the Cherry Festival, Cruise Night, the Idaho Renaissance Faire, the Gem County Fair and Rodeo, and the River Through Time Civil War Re-enactment, just to name a few.
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    About our schools
    The Emmett School District focuses on consistency and strong expectations with one question in mind: 

    What is best for our students - both today and tomorrow?

    It is the role of every employee, from the bus driver and front office secretary, to the teacher and principals to embrace a solid mission: that we empower all to become life-long learners. 

    As a district, we have focused on consistency and improved communication with one goal in mind: What is best for our students.

    Today, the Huskies represent a school district of tradition, perseverance and leadership - built on a strong academic foundation. 

    Under the leadership of Superintendent Craig Woods, an Emmett High School graduate, the district has refocused its attention on providing a relevant and rigorous education for all students to represent three interrelated threads: 

    Academic Content ~ Skill Development ~ Character Education

    The expectations are that all Emmett School District Huskies - from the youngest to the oldest, including staff and the community, understand that students must receive the opportunity to reach their full potential through high expectations and a challenging, appropriate course of study.

    Embracing the philosophy that all students graduate, prepared for post-secondary opportunities, is paramount with the attitude that learning is a lifelong process. 

    Deliver education in a safe, positive, comfortable, orderly and creative/reflective environment. 

    Also important to the Emmett School District:  We want the community, parents and our own staff to understand the value of forming connections with students on an interpersonal level, and work from that foundation to personalize instruction and encourage all students to meet their educational and career goals.