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  • Located in the scenic Valley of Plenty, the Emmett School District is one of three original charter school districts and was established before Idaho became a state. It is comprised of Gem County and a small portion of Boise County and serves approximately 2,600 students. 
    Emmett, where most students attend, is located in the heart of Gem County and is approximately 35 miles northwest of Boise. A close knit community, Emmett provides a variety of activities and is home to the Cherry Festival, Cruise Night, the Idaho Renaissance Faire, the Gem County Fair and Rodeo, and the River Through Time Civil War Reenactment, just to name a few.
    The Emmett School District has seen outstanding growth in student performance over the past few years. In the fall of 2013, our 10th and 11th grade students completed the PSAT assessment.  Emmett students exceeded the national and state averages in every area. One measure that the PSAT provides is a percentage of students that are on track to be College and Career Ready. On this benchmark, our 10th grade students out-performed the nation by 7.7% and our 11th grade students were 84% on track to be college and career ready. The national average is 46%. This success is due to a dedicated teaching and administrative staff that are always working to ensure the best for each student.
    Two 2018 Emmett High School seniors were among 7,500 students from across the nation who received a prestigious National Merit scholarship. Winners were selected from among 16,000 semifinalists in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program.
    Our education starts with strong academic programs in our two elementary schools located in Emmett - Kenneth Carberry and Shadow Butte Elementary and at our two remote schools, Ola and Sweet-Montour, in rural communities northeast of Emmett.  Our secondary programs include a Middle School, High School, and an alternative High School.  We also offer professional technical programs through the Payette River Regional Technical Academy.
    Utilizing the ten key practices of the programs High Schools that Work and Making Middle Grades Work, we are creating strong academic and professional technical programs that prepare students to be college and career ready. Sample practices include:
    • Career Pathways – Emmett High School is organized around seven broad templates of course selection suggestions designed to prepare them in an area of interest. Students are not locked into a pathway or course list but can adjust, explore, and customize their pathway to fit their specific career plans.
    • Dual Credit Courses – Emmett High School offers a wide variety of dual credit courses each year.  Students are able to earn college credits while taking advanced high school academic and professional technical courses. We have students graduating from Emmett High School with 30+ college credits. Course offerings include: Psychology, Advanced U.S. History, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Physics, Environmental Sciences, English 11 and 12, AP Literature, and Speech.
    The academic progress of all students in grades K – 10  is monitored three times a year in both Reading and Math to insure that they are growing academically in comparison to local and national norms. When students need more help, small group interventions are provided to fill in areas of identified gaps. Emmett is proud to have our Elementary Schools selected as State models, our Middle School selected as a National model and our High School receiving regional recognition as a RTI model site.
    Emmett School District is dedicated to transforming each classroom into a high-tech classroom. Classrooms are being modified to include interactive whiteboards, 3D cameras, clickers, and laptops/devices. Currently, we offer one-to-one initiatives in 4 elementary classrooms and throughout our alternative school.  We continue to add educational programs that utilize technology to improve teaching and learning.