Emmett School District is now using the
    Infinite Campus communication system.


    This new communication system enables every school to send out school newsletters, announcements and activities via email as well as notify you of school closures and other emergencies through phone calls, text messaging and/or email.

      You can manage your communication preferences through the parent portal.
     Please make sure we have a current email address and have emergency checked for your cell phone, email and text.
    Please contact the office if you would like to set up your parent portal or if you have any questions.
    The system for communications about student attendance, grades,
    assignments,and more is available.
    All student accounts for the Infinite Campus Portal has been reset for the start of the year.
    Students may login using their Student ID as the user name and the ( first initial) (last initial), (birthday mmddyy) as the password.
     Ex:  js010595