• Emmett High School Student Accomplishments in Science


    This year, Emmett High School Science Department held a trimester long science fair for the upper division science courses. Students in the Zoology, Biology 2, Environmental Science, and Chemistry competed against each other at the Emmett High School Science Fair. During the competition, the high school students educated 6th graders from Emmett Middle School in several science categories with demonstrations and hands-on projects. The Emmett Middle School students also were invited to look at the various science fair projects that the EHS students had submitted for the competition. 


    The winners of the Emmett High School Science Fair are as follows:


    Physical Science- 

    1st place   Aly K.

    2nd place  Dane B.

    3rd place   Luke R.

    Honorable Mention   Adam A.

    Honorable Mention  Alexander C.


    Behavioral Science 

    1st place    Katie H.

    2nd place  Shelby B.

    3rd place    Amethyst W.

    Honorable Mention   Maddie C.

    Honorable Mention   Luc O.


    Life Science 

    1st place Savannah D.

    2nd place Skye F.

    3rd place Rylee R.

    Honorable Mention  Levi B.

    Honorable Mention  Maria M.


    Chemistry and Biochemistry

    1st place Tressa R. and Colton B.

    2nd place Heidi H.

    3rd place Cole E.

    Honorable Mention Citlalli D.

    Honorable Mention Kasia B.


    Earth Science and Environmental Science

    1st place  Jon E.

    2nd place Catherine P.

    3rd place Chantal M.

    Honorable Mention Daedra R.

    Honorable Mention Ryan J.

    science fair


    The winners of the Emmett High School Science Fair were invited to compete in the Western Idaho Science and Engineering Fair at Boise State University on February 18, 2017.  Emmett High School submitted nineteen science fair projects for competition against the larger high schools and science academies in the Treasure Valley.  The Emmett High School entries stood out against many of the other great science projects and took home a large portion of the available awards and medals.


    The following are the results of the Emmett High School students’ performance in the Western Idaho Science & Engineering Fair:


    Skye F.               Gold Medal in Behavioral Science

    AND                   Best in Category in Behavioral Science


    Kasia B.              Silver Medal in Physical Science


    Dane B.              Silver Medal in Environmental and Earth Science


    Elise L.               Special Award in Biological Sciences


                             Silver Medal in Biological Sciences


    Ryan J.               Special Award in Environmental and Earth Sciences


    Heidi H.              Special Award and Medal from National Oceanic Atmospheric

                             Administration in Environmental and Earth Sciences


    Amethyst W.      Gold Medal in Behavioral Sciences


    Colton B. & Tressa R.  Gold Medal in Physical Sciences

    AND               Best in Category for Physical Sciences


    While none of the students were able to continue onward to the International Science Fair in Los Angeles, California, Emmett High School Science Department is extremely proud of the students and their accomplishments.