• Patrick McGaffin            

        Patrick McGaffin

           I grew up in American Fork, Utah and I went to college at the 
           University of Utah. During my time at the University of Utah I 
           also went on a study abroad to the Universitaet Stuttgart in 
           Stuttgart, Germany. I then went to the University of Phoenix 
           for my master's degree in secondary education. 
           I then moved to Seattle, Washington and worked at Microsoft
           as a consultant and then we moved to Nampa, Idaho and I 
           started working at Emmett High School at the beginning of the 
           2016 school year. I love teaching here and have found a great 
           place to work and educate the amazing students of Emmett. 
    Contact Information:
    (208) 365-6323 ext. 1633
    B.A History - University of Utah
    B.A. International Studies - University of Utah
    M.A. Education - Univerisity of Phoenix