• Mrs. Ferrel's Rules and Procedures

    Mrs. Ferrel’s Classroom Rules and Procedures

    6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

    Room 23, Emmett Middle School

    Contact: 365-2921  or jferrel@isd221.net


    The only rule in this classroom is: Feel free to do anything that doesn’t cause a problem for anyone else. If you cause a problem, I will ask you to correct this problem. If you choose not to solve the problem then I will do something. What I do will depend on the special person and the special situation.

    Restroom and Drinks

    You are to use the restroom and get drinks only between or after class unless it is an emergency. You can have a water bottle with closeable top at your desk.

    Hallways and Lockers

    Use your time wisely when switching classes.

    Use the restroom, get needed supplies from your locker, go straight to your next class

    Lockers: Keep your supplies in your locker, not my classroom. The desks are not yours personally, do not keep your things in them. Items left in the desks will be confiscated or thrown away.


    All assignments (class work, homework, and projects) not turned in will receive a grade of 0 in the grade book.

    Handouts- I will only print a few extra handouts, if a handout is lost it is your responsibility to find it or look for an extra in the extras tray. I will not make extra copies for lost handouts.

    Class work – All assignments given in class are expected to be completed during the class time given. If you do not finish, it will become homework. You are responsible for turning in your homework the next day.

    Late Work – Late work will always be accepted, unless the late work is turned in after the end of the trimester. Points will be deducted from late assignments in the grade book.


    When returning to school from an absence check in the absent work tray for work with your name on it and/or a post-it note with your name and missing assignments. Check with Mrs. Ferrel for any other assignments if you are unsure.

    It is your responsibility to pick up the absent work when you return to school. It is also your responsibility to return it when it is due.


    Grades can be viewed on Infinite Campus through the parent portal on the Emmett Middle School website. Additionally, I will send progress reports home during each trimester. Students have the opportunity to re-do graded assignments if it 70% or lower. It is the student’s responsibility to re-do a failing assignment and turn it into the teacher.

    Entering Class

    When you enter my classroom I will have a “must do” posted and you will begin to work on the “must do”. This is when I will be taking attendance and no talking will be allowed. All papers will be headed with your first and last name, my name, subject and period, date, and assignment in the top left corner of your paper.


    Your handwriting must be legible. If I cannot read it on the first try it will be considered incorrect.

    Digital Citizenship

    Students will be completing some assignments, practice, and reading online. Students are expected to be good digital citizens when they are using electronic devices. This means that students will not go to sites that are inappropriate, or search for inappropriate content. Students will stay on-task while on electronic devices and not “wander” around on the internet. Students are not to engage in virtual harassment of other students.

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