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    Elsieanne Baumann

    Science Department

    Earth Science and Integrated Science



    (208) 365-6323


    Hello, my name is Elsieanne Baumann and I am excited to be an integral part of your education at Emmett High School.  My goal is to establish a positive yet disciplined design for learning, based on the Idaho Core Standards and District Curriculum.

    This course will put an emphasis on problem solving and contextual thinking.  You will be taught to think critically about science rather than learning by memorizing facts.  Making connections and transferring learning across the curricula and to the real world will be emphasized.  This can cause "productive frustration" where they feel like I'm NOT answering your questions directly.  My goal is for you to stretch yourselves and own your learning not just get an answer and move on to the next thing, but rather connect new insight to old knowledge.

    I'm always here if you need me -- you can email or text me through remind and I will do my best to assist you.  If you get behind come and see me during advisory, lunch or after school!

    All your work and information is located behind the BUZZ portal.  Just go to the parent/student program area on emmettschools.org and login with your credentials.


    Course Syllabus