• Emmett Public School Foundation, Inc. 

    400 S Pine, Emmett ID 83617
    Education ~ Opportunity
    Public School Foundation The Emmett Public School Foundation was organized in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation.
    The Emmett Public School Foundation's purpose is to create a support for the education of Gem County students. Private support is essential to assure the highest standard of quality in its program and in each student's educational experience. Your gifts and cash donations will make a difference in enrichment opportunities for both students and faculty.

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    Board of Directors

    Chair - Rick Johnston
    Vice Chair - Cory Daniels
    Treasurer - Rich Jackson
    Secretary - Sue Beitia
    Superintendent - Craig Woods
    Member - Rick Welch
    Member - Justin Walker
    Emeritus Member - Brad Little
    If you would like more information, please contact the Emmett Public School Foundation. 

Corwin Ford Award Presentation
Appreciation Award for Brad LIttle
  • Corwin Ford Donation

    Corwin Ford of Nampa has again this year given the Emmett Public School Foundation $5,000 to be used to support Emmett students and teachers.  Shown here in the presentation on Sept. 20th at Corwin Ford is Tanner Corwin, center, Rick Johnston, President of the Emmett Public School Foundation on the right and Cory Daniels, Vice-President of the Emmett Public School Foundation on the left.  This is the third year that Corwin Ford has given this generous donation to our community.  In the past it has been used to bring programs to schools that would not be able to be funded in other ways.  The monies have benefited many students in our district and we truly appreciate the continuing support from Corwin Ford. 

EPSF Presents Award of Appreciation to Brad Little

  • The Emmett Public School Foundation met with Gov. Brad Little this past week to present him with an award of appreciation for his work to further the mission of the Emmett Public School Foundation since 1989.  The award also honored the memorial of his father, David Little, that worked to initially set up and organize the Emmett Public School Foundation and establish it with board membership and a 501(c)3 status.  Rick Johnston, president, read a tribute to the Governor highlighting aspects of his work that continued to strengthen and invigorate members of our board to continually look for ways to support our local students, teachers, and educational institutions.  Following is a quote from that tribute written by Rick Johnston: 
    The Foundation is a result of David Little and Brad Little's example of selfless service to the community and most importantly to Education and our children and grandchildren. They exemplify the value of giving back and helping where help is needed;  to give those children the opportunity to improve and make our communities and our state a better place to live, to learn and to teach them to give back.

    Governor Little, through the example of his parents, David and Geri, learned the value of giving and helping others. It is evident in not only their monetary and asset contributions, but their time, their wisdom, their experience, and their timely advice and recommendations .Your Family and you Governor have been great benefactors to the families and children of Emmett which have been immensely blessed by your dedicated service. 

    We Thank You and commend you for all you have done for the Emmett Public School Foundation and going forward for that which you are doing for the Great State of Idaho . We know the Governor of Idaho will lead us to even greater heights.

    Currently the Emmett Public School Foundation oversees several scholarships and grants money to teachers and groups of students for projects beyond what would be funded by the school district. Members of the EPSF are Rick Johnston, president; Rich Jackson, treasurer; Sue Beitia, secretary; Rick Welch; board member; Cory Daniels, board member; and Craig Woods, Superintendent of Schools.  For more information about the EPSF, please feel free to contact Sue Beitia at 208.365. 5988.