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    The Emmett Public School Foundation was organized in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation.

    The Emmett Public School Foundation's purpose is to create a support for the education of Gem County students. Private support is essential to assure the highest standard of quality in its program and in each student's educational experience. Your gifts and cash donations will make a difference in enrichment opportunities for both students and faculty.

  • TLC Grant

    The TLC Foundation of Boise has been very generous for the past two years, donating money through the Emmett Public School Foundation to the schools within our district to support the fine arts. This year's purchases supported every school in the district. 

    The kiln was for the high school and it was purchased from last year's grant. This year's donation allowed the district to purchase guitars for Black Canyon; instrument storage unit for EMS; risers, drums, and instruments for Carberry; drums for Sweet; risers and drums for Shadow Butte; instruments for Ola; and art tables and pug mill for the EHS art department.

    We so appreciate the generous support for fine arts within the local schools from the TLC Foundation. Support like this allows students to benefit from additional equipment and supplies that enrich their music and art experience.

    The Emmett Public School Foundation would like to extend our sincere thanks to the TLC Foundation for the past two years of generous support.

Ola Instruments

Ola Instruments

Shadow Butte Drums

Drum purchase

  • Board of Directors

    Chair - Rick Johnston
    Treasurer - Rich Jackson
    Secretary - Sue Beitia
    Member - Brad Little
    Member - Cory Daniels
    Member - Rick Welch
    Member - Wayne Rush

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