• Emmett Public School Foundation, Inc. 

    400 S Pine, Emmett ID 83617
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    Public School Foundation The Emmett Public School Foundation was organized in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation.
    The Emmett Public School Foundation's purpose is to create a support for the education of Gem County students. Private support is essential to assure the highest standard of quality in its program and in each student's educational experience. Your gifts and cash donations will make a difference in enrichment opportunities for both students and faculty.

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    Board of Directors

    Chair - Rick Johnston
    Vice Chair - Cory Daniels
    Treasurer - Rich Jackson
    Secretary - Sue Beitia
    Superintendent - Craig Woods
    Member - Rick Welch
    Member - Justin Walker
    Emeritus Member - Brad Little
    If you would like more information, please contact the Emmett Public School Foundation. 

2019/20 Teacher Grants
  • Teacher Grants 2019/20

    The 2019-20 cycle of Teacher Grants from the Emmett Public School Foundation has been completed.  Teachers from across the Emmett School District have requested funds that are made available from the Welch Fund that comes annually into the Foundation.  This year $10,070.60 has been granted and these funds will enhance the educational experience for students from Carberry Elementary, Emmett High School, the District Preschool, Special Education students throughout the district, Black Canyon High School, and the Patriot Center.  Pictured are Amy Flohr for Mystery Science materials at Carberry, Robin Wilson for Bioluminescence materials for all EHS Science students, Kim Simpson and Melanie Johnson for Preschool STEM stations materials, Rachel Schaefer for books for the Patriot Center, Rick Francis for books for BCHS, Karen Nichols , Alissa Combe, and Katrina Savitz for a 4th grade Idaho History trip for Carberry.  Not shown is Heather Hardman for e-books and audio books for the EHS Library and Tereza Hopewell for Special Education Curriculum. In the second row are members of the Board of the Emmett Public School Foundation - Rick Johnston, President; Cory Daniels, Secretary; Rick Welch, Board Member; Justin Walker, Board Member; and Sue Beitia, Secretary.  The Emmett Public School Foundation greatly appreciates any and all donations that support our effort to enhance the educational experience for our Gem County students.  For more information on the EPSF, please feel free to visit our website at ESDFoundation@isd221.net or contact Sue Beitia at 208.365.5988. 


EPSF Presents Grant to Robin Wilson, EHS Science Teacher

  • Robin Wilson continues to use the Emmett Public School Foundation grants as a way to enhance her science opportunities for her students.  This year she has requested funds to support the introduction of Bioluminescence to all EHS science students.  

    Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon where a living organism emits light through a chemical reaction in their body.  Bioluminescence is common in marine organisms and insects, such as the firefly, but can also occur with bacteria and fungi.  Humans have also genetically modified non-bioluminescent organisms to bioluminescent, such as sheep and rabbits. 
    This type of innovation and reaching beyond the routine curriculum is encouraged by the EPSF through this granting process as well as filling gaps where usual funding processes just won't cover the costs.
    EPSF Grant to Robin Wilson
    Shown in this picture is Justin Walker, EPSF Board Member; Rick Johnston, EPSF President; Robin Wilson, EHS Science Teacher; Cory Daniels, EPSF Vice-President; and Sue Beitia, EPSF Secretary.