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    The Emmett Public School Foundation was organized in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation.
    The Emmett Public School Foundation's purpose is to support the education of Gem County students. Private financial support is essential to assure the highest standard of quality programming to enhance each student's educational experience. Your gifts and cash donations will make a difference in creating enrichment opportunities for both students and faculty.
  • Five grants were recently approved for funding from the Winter Cycle of the Emmett Public School Foundation Grants.  These grants will serve and support students throughout the district in ways that included  curriculum, field trips, and safety.  The ECSE Preschool was awarded $981 for new social-emotional development curriculum from a grant written by Melanie Johnson and Kim Simpson. Shadow Butte second grade students will benefit from a new greenhouse and materials to do a unit on gardening.  This grant for $850 was requested by the second grade teachers there – Andrea Poser, Kaitlyn Hill, and Courtney Thomas. Lori Ensinger from Carberry wrote two grants and both were approved.  The first was to cover the costs of $724 for a 5th grade field trip to include the Oregon Trail Park, the Old Penitentiary and the State Capital.  The second was support in the amount of $434 for the NASA Club members at Carberry Elementary to tour The Whittenberger Planetarium and the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History. Lastly, Kim Sherrer, representing the Emmett School District Safety Committee, requested funds to support emergency safety kits or buckets to be purchased and organized and placed in classrooms throughout the district in case of a lock-down type of emergency that would require materials to be available for teachers and students retained within those classrooms.  The Foundation was able to cover $1,905 of these costs.   The total amount of awards for this cycle was $4,894.

    These funds are annually made available from a designated fund from Dean and Gay Welch to the Emmett Public School Foundation and housed with the Idaho Community Foundation.  The Emmett Public School Foundation is truly appreciative of these funds to be able to support classroom enhancements and safety thoughout the Emmett School District.  We appreciate all donations in which we can support out local Emmett School District teachers, staff, students, and families.  For any more information concerning the Emmett Public School Foundation and its work, please feel free to contact Cory Daniels at yecora.daniels@gmail.com or Sue Beitia at beitias@msn.com

Winter Teacher Grant Cycle - 2022

  • Heads of the three grant winners listed in the text

    Three additional teachers have been granted support from the Emmett Public School Foundation through the winter cycle of teacher grants given annually through the Foundation’s Dean and Gay Welch Fund housed with the Idaho Community Foundation.  With this round of applications, teachers were awarded $7,477.78. This year the needs were so great that the Emmett Public School Foundation utilized other donations in addition to the Welch fund to cover the total awarded so far this year of $14,063.55.

    These monies were awarded for a variety of purposes, but the main goal is always to enhance the educational experience of our Emmett students.  

    Tina Myers, EHS English teacher, on behalf of the English Department, was awarded $2,000 to purchase novel sets to supplement the curriculum and collaborate with other content areas.  

    Jeremiah Wright, EMS PE teacher, was awarded $2,977.78 for Track and Field hurdles to be utilized by all of the Middle School PE classes.  

    Brendalynn Love, instructional coach, was awarded $2,500 for headphones for students at Carberry Elementary School.  These will be used for digital learning and end-of-year assessments.

    Two more grants are in the process of being revised and/or funded through another source.

Fall Teacher Grant Cycle - 2021

  • Headshots of the 6 people named in the textThe Emmett Public School Foundation has completed its Fall 2021 Teacher Grant cycle.  The Foundation awarded $6,585.77 to four teachers to enhance projects in their classrooms or strengthen the educational process offered to their students. 

    Robin Wilson, Emmett High School, was awarded $1,489 to purchase materials to allow students to explore the science used to problem-solve during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The students will learn about biotechnology, DNA and RNA, virus biology, and how organisms interact with viruses.

    Jodie Farnsworth was awarded $1,920 to provide a local artist/instructor, who will offer art classes at Black Canyon Junior Senior High. This award will also cover the cost of pottery supplies. 

    Annette Lutes was awarded $2,000 to purchase iPADS for intervention programs for her Special Education students at Butte View in first and second grades. 

    The second-grade teachers at Shadow Butte, Nikael Miller, Cherie Gervais and Karina Collier, were awarded $1,176.77 to buy sensory tools for their students and training for the teachers to appropriately use these tools.

    These monies are made available annually from a fund set up by the Dean and Gay Welch.  The Foundation is greatly appreciative of any and all donations that we receive to support our local school district, its families, staff, and students. 

EPSF Presents Grant to Robin Wilson, EHS Science Teacher

  • Robin Wilson continues to use the Emmett Public School Foundation grants as a way to enhance her science opportunities for her students.  This year she requested funds to support the introduction of Bioluminescence to all EHS science students. 

    EPSF Grant to Robin Wilson

    Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon where a living organism emits light through a chemical reaction in its body.  Bioluminescence is common in marine organisms and insects, such as the firefly, but can also occur with bacteria and fungi.  Humans have also genetically modified non-bioluminescent organisms into bioluminescent, such as sheep and rabbits. 

    This type of innovation and reaching beyond the routine curriculum is encouraged by the EPSF through this granting process as well as filling gaps where usual funding processes just won't cover the costs.
    Shown in this picture from the left: Justin Walker, EPSF Board Member; Rick Johnston, EPSF President; Robin Wilson, EHS Science Teacher; Cory Daniels, EPSF Vice-President; and Sue Beitia, EPSF Secretary.

Teacher Grants 2019-2020

  • Grant recipients listed in the textThe 2019-20 cycle of Teacher Grants from the Emmett Public School Foundation has been completed.
    Teachers from across the Emmett School District have requested funds that are made available from the Welch Fund that comes annually into the Foundation.  This year, $10,070.60 has been granted and these funds will enhance the educational experience for students from Carberry Elementary, Emmett High School, the District Preschool, Special Education students throughout the district, Black Canyon High School, and the Patriot Center.
    Pictured are Amy Flohr for Mystery Science materials at Carberry, Robin Wilson for Bioluminescence materials for all EHS Science students, Kim Simpson and Melanie Johnson for Preschool STEM stations materials, Rachel Schaefer for books for the Patriot Center, Rick Francis for books for BCHS, Karen Nichols, Alissa Combe, and Katrina Savitz for a 4th grade Idaho History trip for Carberry.
    Not shown is Heather Hardman for e-books and audio books for the EHS Library and Tereza Hopewell for Special Education Curriculum. In the second row are members of the Board of the Emmett Public School Foundation - Rick Johnston, President; Cory Daniels, Secretary; Rick Welch, Board Member; Justin Walker, Board Member; and Sue Beitia, Secretary.  The Emmett Public School Foundation greatly appreciates any and all donations that support our efforts to enhance the educational experience for our Gem County students. 

Board of Directors

  • The local board of the Emmett Public School Foundation currently consists of 7 members.  If you have any questions or would like more information, any would be happy to talk to you. 
    • President - Cory Daniels
    • Vice President – Rick Johnston
    • Treasurer - Rich Jackson
    • Secretary - Sue Beitia
    • Superintendent - Craig Woods
    • Board Member - Rick Welch
    • Board Member - Justin Walker
    • Emeritus member - Brad Little

    Please feel free to contact Cory Daniels at yecora.daniels@gmail.com or Sue Beitia at beitias@msn.com

    119 N. Wardwell Avenue, Emmett ID 83617


Five-Year Report

  • The Emmett Public School Foundation exists to support the students and staff in our local school system and other educational entities in the Emmett community.  We are happy to report that in examining contributions over the last five years, the Emmett Public School Foundation (EPSF) has been involved in giving over $240,000 to individual teachers, departments, grade levels, schools, and/or the district at large. These monies have supported many improvements in the fine arts departments, science enhancements, band uniforms, individual sports teams’ donations, summer literacy programs, Special Education support, preschool equipment, soccer uniforms, technology, and many grants for individual teacher projects. 

    These contributions come in several ways to the Foundation.  One is general donations from individuals or memorial gifts.  The second is utilizing the interest from funds set up for scholarships or teacher grants.  Also, the EPSF works with other 501(c) 3 entities to bring money into the district.  Without the existence of the EPSF as a 501c 3, these last funds would not be a possible source of revenue for the district.  In addition to this support for the district, the EPSF oversees several scholarships and, again, these fall into different categories. Some are set up as a fund that we invest through the Idaho Community Foundation for ongoing scholarships to individual students.  Others are set up through a one-time donation or a direct fund with the EPSF that covers several years of scholarships. 

    Legacy giving, business altruistic contributions, and individual donations are the main ways that these generous monetary gifts are possible.  The board of the EPSF would like to thank all the individuals, businesses, and the other 501c3 Foundations in our community and beyond for their generous contributions.  This makes it possible for us to support the local educational process with this $240,000 to help education in our community be the best it possibly can be.