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21CCLC Program

Carberry and Shadow Butte Elementary schools began their Kindergarten READY programs on October 1, 2018, with 40 Kindergarten students served at each school. Kindergarten READY gives needed support in areas of academics, social-emotional connections, English language learning, and schedule stability to students and their families. Although these programs take place during school hours, students participate before or after their academic day (at Carberry), or on their non-school days (at Shadow Butte.)

Funding for Kindergarten READY and Shadow Butte After School Clubs is supplied by a 21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) federal grant that is managed at the school district level and dispersed over a 5-year period. For more information about Kindergarten READY or Shadow Butte After School Clubs, please contact the 21CCLC Programs Director: Shannon Anderson 208-365-0877 ext 1359.

  • 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs (21CCLC) are made possible by funding through a federal grant. 21CCLC Programs operating in the Emmett School District are After School Clubs at Shadow Butte Elementary for grades 1-5, and Kindergarten READY programs at both Carberry Elementary and Shadow Butte Elementary schools. 

    Shadow Butte After School Club features 8 clubs each month (4 per day) that provide social, academic and enrichment opportunities for primarily under-served youth who attend Shadow Butte. Clubs change throughout the school year in order to provide a variety of options and expose students to different opportunities for learning. During the 2018-2019 school year, clubs will include Lego Club, Beginning Sewing, Bloom (hygiene, high-interest girl activities, and appropriate behavior), Puppeteering, Games, Crazy 8 Math Club, French, Gift-making, Beginning Cooking, Music, Robotics, Creative Writing, Watercolor and other arts and crafts, Photoshop and Powerpoint, Engineering Club, Science Clubs, and Sports. 

    Staff for the Shadow Butte After School Club continues to be a highlight of the program with a director/coordinator, 7 high school students, and on-call certified and classified teachers. Parents are encouraged to participate through regular parent and family activities.  

    For more information about Shadow Butte After School Clubs, please contact the director: Shannon Anderson 208-365-0877 ext 1359.