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    Presentation by Idaho Army National Guard. January 24, 2023. Room 104. Bring your lunch.  College & Career Fair. February, 24, 2023.  Braxton Nielsen Assemblies

  • The Idaho State Department of Education has issued  10 College & Career Competencies for students to master during high school for their College & Career Readiness. 

    10 College & Career Competencies: 

    1. Knowledge of Core Subjects 
    2. Critical Thinking & creative Problem Solving 
    3. Oral & Written Communication 
    4. Teamwork & Collaboration 
    5. Digital Literacy 
    6. Leadership 
    7. Professionalism & Work Ethic 
    8. Career Exploration & Development 
    9. Citizenship & Civic Responsibility 
    10. Financial Literacy 
  • Kaloni Jensen  
    Maria Gonzalez
    College & Career Mentor
    Advanced Opportunities Coordinator
    Emmett School District
    Kaloni Jensen
    Kaloni Hall
    GEAR UP Coordinator
    Idaho C&C Community Team with ISDE
    EHS Class '24 & EHS Class '25
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    Maria Gonzalez is our College and Career Mentor/Advanced Opportunities Coordinator at EHS. She is an EHS alumni and attended college online after high school. She has worked for the school district for about 4 years. "Mentoring provides an opportunity to help others see their potential and see how they grow over time. I never had a mentor, so I am excited to learn and help provide opportunities for our students. I will do my best to support, encourage and guide a new generation to accomplish their goals. " - Maria  

    The GEAR UP Grant Coordinator for Emmett High School is Kaloni Hall. EHS Alumni Class of 2011. Kaloni meets with students and parents in the program for individual post-secondary planning as well as directs the College & Career team at EHS, helping us to reach our state-issued requirements. 

    Christina Saldana is the Head Secretary at EHS.       

      Our Librarian is Heather Hardman.

       Patti O'Malley is Vice Principal of PR2TA.               

      Molly Yates teaches Social Studies at EHS.

      Anne Parks teaches English at EHS.                       

      Christen Rowles teaches Math at EHS.

      Chuck Alexander teaches Science at EHS.