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Emmett Public School Foundation

Emmett Public School Foundation, Inc. 

Education ~ Opportunity

The Emmett Public School Foundation was organized in 1994 as a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to support the education of Gem County students. Private financial support is essential to ensure the highest standard of quality programming to enhance each student's educational experience. Your gifts and cash donations will make a difference in creating enrichment opportunities for both students and faculty.  

These funds are annually made available from a designated fund from Dean and Gay Welch to the Emmett Public School Foundation and housed with the Idaho Community Foundation. The Emmett Public School Foundation is truly appreciative of these funds to be able to support classroom enhancements and safety throughout the Emmett School District. We appreciate all donations in which we can support our local Emmett School District teachers, staff, students, and families. For any more information concerning the Emmett Public School Foundation and its work, please feel free to contact Cory Daniels at or Sue Beitia at

2024 Winter EPSF Grants Awarded!

EPSF Grant--Shadow Butte 1st Grade

1️⃣ 1st Grade Teachers - Shadow Butte Elementary (Christiana Adams, Colette Tobias, & Michelle Dill) – RazKids Reading Program

💰 Grant Amount: $420

🚁 Purpose: The 1st grade team secured funding to acquire a subscription to the RazKids Reading Program. This online platform offers access to a vast array of leveled ebooks, enabling students to practice reading at their own pace while teachers monitor progress and assign tailored reading materials in an interactive format.


EPSF Grant - Carberry Spec Ed Teachers

2️⃣ Special Education Teachers - Carberry Elementary (Jacqueline Baxter, Amber Morgan, Ivy Snow) - Sensory Supplies & Adaptive Feeding Tools

💰 Grant Amount: $1,066.56

🚁 Purpose: These dedicated educators will procure sensory supplies and adaptive feeding tools to enhance the independence and involvement of special needs students. The equipment also aids in self-regulation, fostering a conducive environment for learning and appropriate interaction.

EPSF Grant - Simpson Spec Ed.

3️⃣ Kim Simpson – Developmental Preschool - Adaptive Footrest

💰 Grant Amount: $549.90

🚁 Purpose: Mrs. Kim Simpson received funding for an adaptive footrest for a specific student with special needs. The special footrest will enable the student with special needs to experience a seating arrangement that allows for more peer inclusion within the classroom.

EPSF Grant - Daniels

4️⃣ Greg Daniels - Emmett High School – Multimeters & Learning Lab Supplies

💰 Grant Amount: $257

🚁 Purpose: Mr. Daniels aims to equip an electronic learning lab for his math students with multimeters. This hands-on approach allows students to test electronic currents and apply mathematical concepts in practical settings.

EPSF Grant - Korell

5️⃣ Nicole Korell - Carberry Elementary - “A Little Spot of Feelings” curriculum set

💰 Grant Amount: $514

🚁 Purpose: Mrs. Korell is excited to utilize "A Little Spot of Feelings" curriculum in her 1st grade classroom to help students learn to identify, express, regulate their emotions appropriately, fostering a positive learning environment using fun interactive activities and books.

EPSF Grant - Vilamor


6️⃣ Kristina Vilamor - Shadow Butte Elementary - Supplies for a Classroom Calming Corner

💰 Grant Amount: $468.00

🚁 Purpose: Ms. Vilamor is utilizing the grant to procure books, resources, and furniture for a classroom calming corner. This space allows students to regulate intense emotions, thereby reducing disruptive behaviors and enhancing educational effectiveness.

Total EPSF Grant

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2024 Winter Cycle:


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Board of Directors

The local board of the Emmett Public School Foundation currently consists of 7 members.  If you have any questions or would like more information, we would be happy to talk to you. 

  • President - Cory Daniels
  • Vice President – Rick Johnston
  • Treasurer - Rich Jackson
  • Secretary - Sue Beitia
  • Superintendent - Craig Woods
  • Board Member - Rick Welch
  • Board Member - Justin Walker
  • Emeritus member - Brad Little

Please feel free to contact Cory Daniels at or Sue Beitia at

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