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EMS Assembly "Huskies Pull Together"

Laurie Warren from Council, Idaho brought her sled dog team, Team Warren, for Emmett Middle School's first assembly,  "Huskies Pull Together."  She has been racing Alaskan huskies for 6 years.  She is working to qualify for the Iditarod in 2019.  She won Montana's "Race to the Sky," a 300-mile sled dog race in 2017.  She emphasized how her dogs work as a team to achieve their goals.  She stressed if one dog is hurt, the others help to carry the load until they can go on.  
EMS's mascot, Klondike started the event by pulling Mr. Winegar on a 4-wheeler.  He did a great job, but it was a huge task for one husky.  Ms. Warren then showcased her sled dog team, who easily pulled the 4-wheeler around the track.  
Huskies         Huskies pull ATV      Mascot pulls atv