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Board Meeting Live Stream

In November 2018, the School Board approved live streaming the Board Meetings. The meetings will be streamed on YouTube channel "Emmett School District 221 YouTube". The best way to search for the live stream is by meeting date (ie "Special Board Meeting November 13 2018). You may also access the video on the District website under School Board Meetings & Minutes  (

Our first streamed video will be the November 13th meeting (YouTube site). Please have patience as we work out any unforseen bugs.

The November 13, 2018 meeting agenda is as follows:

         400 South Pine St., Suite 1, Emmett, Idaho  83617
Butte View Complex (400 S Pine St. Emmett, ID 83617) Room 3 and 4
November 13, 2018 ~ 7:00 p.m.
I. Call to Order - Determine if a Quorum is Present
II. Review the Process to Select New Trustees
  A. Board consideration of self-recognition of violation of open meeting laws - Idaho Code 74-208 (Action Item)
  B. Board consideration of declaration of action of Board in selecting new trustees for Board vacancies void - Idaho Code 74-208 (Action Item)
III. Select New Trustees
  A. Deliberate and disclosure of information considered by trustees in deliberations
  B. Board action to make patron communication part of the official record in the selection of new trustees (Action Item)
  C. Selection of Trustee for Vacancy 1 (Action Item)
  D. Selection of Trustee for Vacancy 2 (Action Item)
IV. Swear in New Trustees
V. Discuss ISBA Resolutions for Convention
EXECUTIVE SESSION - 74-206(1)(B) (Action Item)
I. Superintendent Evaluation