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Shadow Butte's FlexMike and Qball Systems

The following articles are from Shadow Butte's Blended Learning News

Several teachers here at Shadow Butte have rooms equipped with a FlexMike.

Similar to a RedCat voice amplification system, the Flexmike is a microphone, but it is connected to speakers placed in the ceiling around the classroom. This technology has multiple benefits for students and teachers alike.

"Teachers don't have to raise their voices for students to hear from anywhere in the classroom," Principal Todd Adams said. "It keeps things calm, and we don't have to manipulate any sound for those students with hearing disabilities."

One teacher who enjoys using a Flexmike is RaeLyn Williams. Watch her video 

Technology comes in every way, shape, or form ... even round!

According to Kyte Learning, “A Qball is a soft, throwable microphone for the classroom. It connects to your sound system via a wireless receiver and doesn’t interfere with any of your other audio devices.”

4th-grade teacher Susan Pierson uses the device often in her classroom at Shadow Butte: “It’s meeting the needs of hearing impaired students…while at the same time giving every child an equal voice.”

There are four speakers in each quadrant of her room, so the volume isn’t centered in just one location. In addition, Mrs. Pierson uses the Qball as a talking stick every day, so if you do not have the ball you have to wait until you do to speak. She has also noticed a great increase in participation because even her shy students cannot wait to be heard.

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