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Trustees adopt boundaries for Butte View

Boundary map for Butte View

The Emmett School Board unanimously approved, on Monday, June 8, the Butte View boundaries to establish the new attendance zones for the reopening of Butte View Elementary this fall.

Butte View will open with two classes of all-day kindergarten and two classes of first grade with the goal of eventually opening classrooms for grades through fifth grade.

Before voting, Shadow Butte Principal reviewed some changes made to the two different options. Many concerns were expressed regarding the possible split, students going to both Butte View and one of the other elementary schools for the older students. The majority of the survey respondents also voted for 

Principal Adams said the schools will work with families and schools to avoid such family splits.

Parents should contact the Carberry or Shadow Butte schools to register their kindergarten students. Parents who live in the Butte View attendance zone will also be contacted.

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