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Survey Results - 2017


Survey Results on Proposed School Bond

In a random sample phone survey of registered voters in Gem County, 81% approved of the District’s Facilities Committee recommendations to improve the schools in the Emmett Independent School District. These included a complete remodel of Emmett Middle School, remodel parts of Emmett High School, build a new shop for Agricultural Science and Pre-Engineering programs, limited remodeling of the elementary schools, and purchase of land for a new high school to be built as student enrollment increases. Forty-four percent (44%) said they definitely approved, 37% said probably, 12% did not know and only 7% disapproved.

The second question asked on the survey was if they would support a 22 million dollar bond to fund these projects. The bond would be at the same tax rate as in 2016. Eighty percent (80%) approved of running the bond.

Many have suggested that we should build a new high school to replace the domes. The cost would be about 50 million dollars and would more than double the 2016 tax rate. On the survey, only 45% approved of this bond with 13% saying they definitely approved, 31% saying probably, and 15% saying they did not know. Twenty-eight percent (28%) definitely opposed a high school bond and 12% probably apposed. It takes 66 % to pass a bond. 

The survey was conducted by phone to registered voters just before Christmas. The survey was a random sample of the 9,000 registered voters in Gem County. Four hundred completed the phone survey giving the district valid and reliable results.

The Emmett School Board will be considering the approval of a bond election on March 13, 2018 to ask the voters of Gem County to fund these projects.   With the retirement of the existing bonds that built Carberry and Shadow Butte Elementary Schools in 1999, it provides an opportunity to consider a new bond without a significant increase to the District’s total annual property tax levy rate. The proposed bond for 22 million dollars for 20 years would require an estimated tax rate of $1.25 per $1000 of property value.

For more information please visit the Emmett School District’s website at or contact the district office at 208-365-6301.

Wayne Rush