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Board Passes Resolution for School Bond - 2018


Board Passes Resolution for School Bond

The Board of Trustees for the Emmett Independent School District passed a resolution to put a 20.4 million dollar school bond on the ballot March 13.  The purpose of the bond is for educational improvements, to include a complete Middle School remodel, High School improvements and repairs, construction of a Career Technical Education building for Agriculture Science and Pre-Engineering, and repairs for Sweet, Carberry, and Shadow Butte schools. The board removed from the proposal purchasing land for a future high school.

The board deliberated for over 4 hours with community members providing input on the proposal. The board started by reviewing the results of the survey of registered voters that was conducted in December. Eighty (80%) percent said that they would support a $22 million dollar bond for the above mentioned projects.

The board expressed strong support for remodeling the Middle School and the improvements to the High School and other schools to improve the safety, security, and environment of the school. They expressed the desire to work closely with Payette River Technical Academy on the development of the Career Technical building.    

Gem county voters will have the opportunity to vote on the bond proposal March 13, 2018. With the current bonds for Carberry and Shadow Butte Elementary Schools being paid off this year, this new bond will not raise taxes.

A community committee has been formed to support the bond. Information about the improvements to the schools will be coming to the patrons of Emmett School Districts in the next few weeks. If you have questions, please send them to Wayne Rush, Superintendent at, 208-365-6301or visit the Emmett School District’s website at

Wayne Rush