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School Year Coming to a Close - 2018


The school year is coming to a close. We have much to celebrate as can be found at the many academic assemblies, scholarship awards, music programs, reading awards, and the schools throughout the district. One of the most wonderful celebrations are the high school graduations.

The Emmett High School graduating class of 2018 has a lot to celebrate. Just this year the 162 seniors have earned 728 college credits through our dual credit classes offered at the high school. This brings their total number of college credits earned to over 1400 credits.  Many of our graduates will have completed their first year of college.

The 2018 graduating class also boasts two students that are National Merit Finalists, Ben Rooks and Gradin Anderson. Emmett High School is proud to have had 5 National Merit Finalists in the past few years.

This class has seen a world of changes. Technology has dramatically changed how they communicate, learn, and live their lives every day. Most of these students were born in 2000 or 2001. In 2005, YouTube was founded and along with blogging and many other apps, they have grown up being able to publish their ideas, personal events, and accomplishments to the world. Their education has been dominated by changes in technology. Unlike most adults, they have never lived in a world without Google to search for information.

I am very proud of the class of 2018 and the teachers, staff, parents, and community that have given them the opportunity to reach this milestone.


Wayne Rush