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Enrollment Increases - Sept 2018


Enrollment Increases in Gem County Schools

The Emmett Independent School District started the first day of school with a significant increase in student enrollment.  As we opened our doors, we have an increase of 133 students more than last year. This will bring our expected enrollment to 2,710 students. The district has not seen this many students since 2007-2008 school year where we had 2,797 students. We do know this number will change in the next few days as more students enroll and we discover those that have left the district.

Following are the changes in enrollment as of August 23, 2018:





Emmett High School




Black Canyon High School




Patriot Center




Emmett Middle School




Carberry Elementary*




Shadow Butte Elementary








Sweet Montour




(*Preschool numbers are not included at this time.)

We have already made some changes to staffing and will continue to examine what changes in staffing and operations will be needed to meet the needs of the increased number of students. Following are some ways we are addressing the issues related to increased enrollment:

  1. We have added a 6th kindergarten section to Carberry Elementary.
  2. We will be adding a 5th kindergarten section to Shadow Butte Elementary.
  3. We have added a 1st-grade class to Carberry Elementary.
  4. We have added a .25 to the Emmett High School PE position so that this teacher can cover Black Canyon High School. Our teacher that has covered one period of PE at Black Canyon will be fulltime at Carberry to cover the additional kindergarten and 1st-grade classes that were added this year.
  5. We have added a counselor at the Middle School; we now have two counselors.
  6. We are exploring other areas where we may need to add additional teaching staff.
  7. Additional staff and contracts with special need providers are being added to address the needs of new special education students that have moved into our district.
  8. We are also purchasing additional curriculum materials and supplies as needed.
  9. As we grow, we are examining the facilities improvement needs, especially in the areas of safety and security of our students.


The Emmett School Board may explore the need for an Emergency Fund Levy to meet the needs of the students entering our district. An Emergency Fund Levy as authorized in Idaho Code 33-805 and states, “The board of trustees of any school district which qualifies under the provisions of this section may certify its need hereunder to the board of county commissioners in each county in which the district may lie, and request a school emergency fund levy upon all taxable property in the district.”

The district would compare the average daily attendance on the 5th day of class from last year with the same day for the current school year. The amount a district is authorized to levy is based on the number of students times the per-student state support for the previous year which was $5,918. The Emergency Fund Levy may not exceed .0006 of the total market value of the district. Gem County’s estimated September 2018 Market Value is $1,083,715,314. The District is authorized to lay to levy up to $650,229. This is less than the amount that 133 new students would generate when multiplied by the per-student state support from last year.

The time frame for this decision is very short.  School Boards have to notify the county by September 4th for our property tax authorizations for the tax year. The Board will need to hold a special meeting during the week of August 27th to consider this matter.


Wayne Rush