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Got Supplies?

Here are the supply lists for our new students.

1 box Crayons – 16 or 24 count basic colors (Prefer
Crayola brand, not fluorescent, or jumbo sizes)
1 pk colored pencils
1 pair small scissors
12 pk Pencils (#2 Ticonderoga)
1 wide-rule spiral notebook
*2 boxes Kleenex (large)
*1 Ream copy paper 20 lb.
4 Glue sticks
1 set 8 Watercolor paints
1 Back pack or book bag
1 Pink pearl eraser
1 pair headphones (not earbuds or bluetooth)
*1 Large bottle of hand sanitizer
*1 Large or 2 small containers of disinfectant wipes
1 Pencil box (Small size approx.. 9”x5”)

1 Backpack or book bag
1 Elmer’s glue bottle
*3 Glue sticks
*2 24 pk Pencils (#2 Ticonderoga)
2 boxes Crayons (Crayola Brand-24)
1 set Watercolors (Crayola Brand)
3 Pink pearl eraser
3 Paper folders w/pockets and brads
1 5”x8” School box (no large boxes)
*4 Expo dry erase markers
*4 boxes Kleenex (large)
*1 Ream copy paper 20 lb.
2 Fine tip highlighters (any color)
2 Wide rule spiral notebooks
*1 box Ziploc bags (Buy the size by your last name)
A-J Sandwich bags
K-R Quart bags
S-Z Gallon bags
*2 Hand sanitizer (Large 30 oz)
*2 Container of disinfectant wipes
1 pair headphones (not earbuds, extra set of
headphones at home highly recommended)

(*) Will be collected by the teacher and shared by everyone