Letter from the Superintendent


Thank you

By Wayne Rush

If you are lucky in life, there will be a few times that you fall into a perfect job. In June of 2010, I drove into the Emmett community to try and see what I had gotten myself into. There at Albertsons was a group of cheerleaders selling items to raise funds. I asked them about their school. They were so excited as they said, “We are going to get air conditioning in our high school! It stinks on the third floor; I don’t mean it is bad; it just smells bad.” Thus my introduction to the fabulous students, schools, and community of Gem County. My wife, Liz and I quickly bought a house and began nine years of working together with staff and the community to continually improve the schools and the lives of our students. As my time as the Superintendent of the Emmett Independent School District comes to a close, following are a few reflections on our accomplishments.

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