04.16.20 Update: Meals, ed material delivery for Emmett students

Information provided on meals, ed material delivery for Emmett students

Dear Parents, Students and Staff:               

Some have wondered why the Emmett School District is delivering meals to students on our traditional bus routes. So we wanted to provide some information about the program. 

The State of Idaho Department of Education reimburses the Emmett School District on a per-mile basis for transportation to support education. Without meal distribution via the school buses, the Emmett Transportation Department still incurs expenses, including wages. 

The meal delivery program that just started Monday, April 13, uses the reimbursement for this service. That in turn, keeps our transportation employees working and all food service staff working to provide meals for bus routes. We also have 18 paraprofessionals, from the schools, riding on buses to help with delivery. We are also using the buses to deliver equipment, paper packets and student supplies where necessary. 

The Transportation Department, in turn, delivers meals -- nearly 800 bags with breakfast and lunch inside --- to students in the rural areas. Federal USDA funds cover the costs of the food for our children, between the ages of 1-18, even those who have not entered school yet. 

You are most likely eligible for delivery if you see a bus drive by, and you have children in the house, ages 1-18 years old, and would like to be added for meal distribution, please call the bus shop 208-365-3207 to get on the delivery schedule.

We know, in this time of stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that many families are struggling financially and emotionally. This outreach beyond our curbside delivery sites (Middle School and Shadow Butte and Sweet elementaries) brings some normalcy for students and some peace of mind for parents, who may be working or may not be able to drive to a distribution site. 

We are very lucky to have fantastic employees in our Child Nutrition and Transportation programs willing and able to step up and help during this crisis.

Finally, we want to assure everyone, including staff helping with this effort, that we are taking the necessary steps to keep people safe. Gloves and masks are being worn. Gloves are switched immediately if they come in contact with another person. Employees in the meals and transportation departments review, daily a symptom checklist and take and record their temperature before they report to work as was recommended by State and local officials. 

We want to keep the lines of communication open with parents, students, and staff.  I am available daily by phone (208) 365-6301 or by email cwoods@isd221.net.


Craig Woods, Emmett Superintendent