Past Bonds and Levies and Fund Usage

Overview of Past Bonds and Levies

How Funds Were Used


1998       Bond to build two elementary schools, Carberry Elementary and Shadow Butte Elementary


2009       Levy $3.4 million over two years ($1.7 million per year). Completed projects: 

  • Eliminate the 2008 ‐2009 deficit and provided for a contingency fund
  • Installed air conditioning at the high school
  • Technology upgrades including new IP phone system
  • Science labs upgrades, additional science equipment and included safety showers as required
  • Remodel and addition for Junior High locker rooms
  • Paving lots at the Junior High


2011       Levy $2 million over two years ($1 million per year):

The purpose of this levy was to cover the short falls from the cuts from the State through the Great Recession.

  • Shortfall                                                                                    $1,836,093
  • District Cuts in operations and Staff                                                $887,717
  • Levy                                                                                          $1,000,000


2013       Levy $2.8 million over two years ($1.4 million per year): 

  • After the levy failed in May of 2013 we removed the elevator from the budget and reran the levy in August.
  • The major maintenance project was the reroofing of the domes.
  • Attached is a spread sheet titled Budget Projections for FY14 No Levy (PDF) that shows the cuts the Board made to the budget in June 2013 and how the levy funds were used to restore these cuts.


2015       Levy $2.8 million over two years ($1.4 million per year):

Following are the items we used this levy for. We purchased the new elementary reading / language arts curriculum the first year and the secondary curriculum the second year.

Item                                                                      Amount                                         Total

Certified Teachers






Elementary and Secondary Schools



Classroom Technology

Chromebooks, Digital


School Supplies and Consumables

Supplies and Workbooks


Textbook Replacement

Elementary Reading


Athletic Programs



Safety Improvements

Doors, Locks, Cameras


Building Maintenance Projects




2017       Levy $2.8 million over two years ($1.4 million per year):

Attached is a PDF document titled Progress on Levy Spring 2017 (PDF) that briefly lists the progress on each aspect of the levy.


Please let me know any additional questions you have. Thank you for attending the board meeting and asking about our projects.



Wayne Rush, Superintendent