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2023 Levy

Thank you Gem County for passing the levy!!!

Operational Levy Facts and Information

May Levy 2023

At the March 27, 2023 Board Meeting, the Emmett School District Board of Trustees voted to approve language

to pursue an operational levy on the May 16, 2023 ballot.  Voters will be asked to consider two items on the ballot.

Information and Facts

Proposed Levy

  • The proposed levy is split into two items on the May 16th ballot. 

  • The levy amount requested by ESD for maintenance in the Emmett School District is $600,000 per year for two years with projects to include:

    • New roofs on Carberry Elementary School and Shadow Butte Elementary School. 
    • Removal and replacement of front entry doors at Butte View Elementary School.
    • ADA compliant door handles at Emmett Middle School, Butte View Elementary School, Emmett High School, and Sweet/Montour Elementary School.
    • Safety lighting for exterior areas of district buildings for student and staff safety and community events. 
  • The levy amount requested by ESD for personnel in the Emmett School District is $400,000 per year for two years with staffing to include:

    • Elementary Counselors at Shadow Butte Elementary and Carberry Elementary. 
    • Instructional Coaches
    • Core content teachers at Emmett High School in ELA and Math
    • Special Education support staff

What is an Operational Levy? 

  • The operational levy is a renewable, voter-approved levy that generates funds a school district can use to support operating costs. 

  • The funds are utilized to deliver K-12 education to more than 2,000 students in the Emmett School District; the funds are also used to support maintenance needs in the Emmett School District.  

What Will I See on the Ballot?

Where Can I Find School District Levy Results?